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Ward Village – Honolulu Luxury Condo Neighborhood

Since acquiring the lot around 2010, Howard Hughes Corporation has transformed the 60 acres community called Ward Village to be one of the leading master-planned neighborhoods in the country. It all started in 2016 with the completion of the ultra-luxury condo, Waiea, followed by the completion of four other entry-level luxury and luxury buildings. Today, 2022,  sales continue for four additional buildings along with plans for more. When all is completed in the future, Ward Village is projected to have about 14 residential buildings total.


Ward Village can be classified into 3 sections, the first row, second row, and the third row. Situated along Ala Moana Blvd and just across the Ala Moana Beach Park and Kewalo Harbor, is the 1st row and where current ultra-luxury condo Waiea (completed in 2016) is located, along with four other ultra-luxury towers – Victoria Place units have already sold out and this summer will be the planned release of Kalae condo units for sale. More info about Kalae will be released once it’s available. Two other ultra-luxury towers are planned for the current Ward Center location next to the former IBM building. Those two buildings are projected to have the prime view of the Diamond Head and ocean view as it sits squarely across from Ala Moana Beach Park.


The 2nd row, as its name implies, sits behind the first row. Most of the second row buildings are situated along Auahi street. Current and planned condos include –  Anaha (completed in 2017), Koula (est. completion – August 2022) and The Park Ward Village (est. completion – 1st qtr. 2025).


The 3rd row is on the northern border of Ward Village and completed buildings include – Aeo (2018), Aalii (2021), and Ke Kilohana (2019). Ward Village is projected to announce another 3rd row building in the future.



3 compelling reasons as to why you should consider making Ward Village your home 

  1. A Master-planned neighborhood owned and developed by one developer. Besides a rare opportunity to live in one of the best master-planned neighborhoods in the nation (In 2018 it was announced that Ward Village had won the master-planned Community of the year by the National Association of Home Builders). Under the ownership of Howard Hughes, the developer is able to design and curate the entire lifestyle of Ward Village – from building parks, design of the pedestrian sidewalks and streets, to overhauling the Kewalo Harbor to give residents a better harbor view. Ward Village is planning to redesign and widening the sidewalks on Auahi street as well as supporting the construction of a pedestrian overpass across Ala Moana Blvd to give the public a safer and convenient access to the Kewalo Harbor and Ala Moana Beach Park.
  2. Total control of the building design and neighborhood density. To ensure buildings will have optimal views and clearance possible, Howard Hughes has control of how to situate the buildings. As opposed to most other neighborhoods with buildings built by different developers with interfering line of sight.
  3. Security. As a master-planned neighborhood, Ward Village owns common elements such as the pedestrian walkways and parks and thus has the right to enforce cleanliness and safety of the neighborhood through its 24/7 security team.


Below are Ward Village Residences available for sale –

WaieaClick Here.

AnahaClick Here.

AeoClick Here.

Aalii Click Here.


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